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Apple supplier Wistron aims to grow revenues from production outside China to 50% by 2021, according to chairman Simon Lin. The company says it expects 20-25% of revenues to come from non-China plants this year.
DigiTimes reports that Wistron has been expanding its capacity worldwide and plans to invest US$46.8 million in its plant in Texas, a maximum of US$68.05 million to acquire equipment for its plant in Kunshan, China, and a maximum of US$76 million to purchase equipment for a plant in India.
Lin pointed out that switching to a business model of having production spread across different regions is a necessary strategy. Wistron's plant in Malaysia will be fully used to make IoT products, while the facility in India will be responsible mainly for producing IoT, smart handheld and medical care devices. Its factories in Mexico and Europe will be handling servers and storages.

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