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Peloton announced a new Peloton Bike+ today that brings support for Apple GymKit, letting users pair their Apple Watch to sync metrics.
The Peloton Bike+ is the bike our Members helped build, designed to make it even easier to complement an indoor cycling class with Peloton’s strength, yoga, stretching and meditation classes, all streaming right on the Bike+. We’ve incorporated some of the most-requested hardware and software features Members told us they’d love to see, including a 23.8” rotating HD touchscreen which rotates 180 degrees left and right for easy viewing when you’re off the Bike. Other new features include a high-fidelity four-speaker sound system so instructor cues and killer playlists come through loud and clear; a one-tap integration with Apple Gymkit so you can pair your Apple Watch with the Bike+ to keep your metrics in sync; and the Auto-Follow digital resistance system that automatically remembers your Target Metrics and scales your resistance up and down based on instructor guidance, allowing you to fully lose yourself in the class.
The new Peloton Bike+ will be $2,495 USD (£2,295 GBP/$3,295 CAD/€2,690 EUR) and available in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Germany on September 9, 2020. The company has also announced that their current treadmill is being renamed to the Peleton Tread+ and a new Peleton Tread with a 23.8” HD touchscreen will launch in early 2021.

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