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In the twenty-first century, no one, but really no one with a modicum of judgement, can be shamed into buying water in a plastic bottle and then throwing it away. Even if only for separate collection – plastic is just out. Glass is more environmentally friendly, but it has its drawbacks – just drop a bottle on the ground and you’re done. Therefore, we need to think differently. For example, as Hydroflask.

Yes, these are the bottles that have been making people in the Big Apple crazy for about a decade now, and that have finally come to us. At first glance, it may seem like an ordinary bottle, but beware!

People adore them for very concrete and tangible reasons

hydroflask bottle

Hydroflake in the Tatras. Tea, water, Tatra tea at the necessary temperature.

First: temperature. The powerful TempShield™ insulation maintains the optimum temperature for an incredibly long time, and it doesn’t matter if the contents are meant to stay ice cold or hot. With Hydroflask, you won’t be washing down melted ice cream with cold coffee.

The second: resilience. The stainless steel double wall is built to go hiking, camping, fishing, and accompany you every step of the way. With no signs of fatigue, it eliminates condensation so your bottle (unlike you) doesn’t sweat.

Third: practicality. Hydroflask makes sure that their bottles and food containers are completely safe. The cap doesn’t leak a drop and can be conveniently clipped to any backpack with a carabiner. Depending on your taste, you can choose a standard mouth with a 4.85 cm wide throat or there is a wide mouth version for wide mouths with a diameter of 5.74 cm.

Fourth: design. A clearly defined silhouette, inspired by the perfection of nature, where nothing is superfluous. Maximum simplicity lets the owner’s imagination run wild. There’s nothing easier if you want your bottle to reflect your unique personality than to decorate it (you can find tutorials all over the internet – we told you it was a hit!) But otherwise Hydroflask it looks great without intervention and comes in a plethora of shades. Color Last™ powder paint has a pleasant feel, does not slip in the hand and can withstand the dishwasher without problems.

Wow, those were the tangible reasons.

And then there are things like sustainability, lifetime warranty and even the activities of the company itself. As part of the Parks for All program, Hydroflask supports nonprofits focused on park maintenance and restoration. So take your Hydroflask to the park and enjoy the fresh air and a cool drink!

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