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Vibrationmotors have found their application in many modern technological devices. However, the vibratory motor is generally classified as a younger type of drive mechanism, having made its debut in the 1960s. years of the last century. At that time, vibration motors were mainly installed in various massage machines. The more frequent use of vibration motors only started with the mass production and use of mobile phones and other mobile devices.

Vibration motors for end devices


vibration motor in the toothbrush

Vibration motor in electric toothbrush

Vibration motor

is found in many of the technological devices we use on a daily basis. They can be found in most mobile phones, tablets, pagers, electric toothbrushes, food processors and other devices offering tactile feedback. One of the main objectives of the vibration motor is also
the owner of a piece of technological equipment to a certain fact in the form of a phone call or a selected event through the device in which it is embedded or
by means of which a certain regular activity is carried out. It is therefore important that each product meets high quality requirements and functions reliably for a specified period of time.

Powerful vibration motors

In our product portfolio you will find 22 variants of different types of vibration motors with an output of 1400 rpm and other technical parameters meeting strict functional and performance criteria. Developments in mobile technology began sometime in the 1980s. years of the last century and is constantly accelerating. Nowadays, customers have increasingly powerful technological equipment with a variety of different functions, many of which also have built-in vibration motors. As new ideas come along, our requirements for the equipment we use are changing and developments are advancing in all industrial sectors.

vibrating motor


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