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Company A SERVIS LIPKA, s.r.o. Brno offers interested parties high quality, fast and professional cleaning of floors in Brno (quick cleaning of floors in Brno). Especially in the winter months, there is a growing need for increased maintenance in the interior spaces of buildings, and you can use the services of experienced professionals to clean them. We will quickly and perfectly clean any floors in your apartment, family house, office, business premises, commercial and other centers.

We save you time and money

floor cleaning BrnoThanks to professional machine floor cleaning, you will achieve a perfect effect that will last for a long time. Cleaning floors by hand is difficult and does not require the same amount of strength as modern technology. The advantage of machine floor cleaning (

fast floor cleaning in Brno

) is not only its speed, but also its precision and long-lasting effect.

When cleaning any type of flooring, we use proven cleaning products from our branded range that are gentle on all surfaces being treated. Thanks to our trained and experienced staff, we guarantee our customers a fast and professional service, which will save you a lot of time spent on cleaning and the money you would otherwise spend on equipment or the purchase of the necessary chemicals.



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Fast cleaning of any kind of floor in Brno

Our cleaning and janitorial services are used by many customers in several cities throughout the Czech Republic and in neighbouring countries. We offer fast floor cleaning services to individuals and companies in Brno (fast floor cleaning in Brno). We will quickly and efficiently clean any type of flooring including tile, linoleum, marmoleum, floating floors, concrete floors, poured surfaces or stoneware floors.

fast floor cleaning in Brno

Floor cleaning in Brno

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to explain and advise you further. Our staff adapts to your time constraints on a case-by-case basis, while never disrupting the normal operations of your home or business during the cleaning process.

Thank you for your trust and we look forward to meeting you!