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The European Parliament has overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling for the European Commission to put forward rules that will force smartphone manufacturers to use a common charger. Parliament wants the rules tabled by July 2020 at the latest.
There is an “urgent need for EU regulatory action” to reduce electronic waste and empower consumers to make sustainable choices, MEPs say in a resolution approved by 582 votes to 40, with 37 abstentions, calling for the mandatory introduction of common chargers for all mobile devices. Parliament wants the Commission to adopt the delegated act foreseen in the 2014 Radio Equipment Directive by July 2020 or, if necessary, table a legislative measure by the same date, at the latest.
The EU says the common charger should be "scrutinised regularly in order to take into account technical progress" and also asks the Commission to:
● take measures to best ensure the interoperability of different wireless chargers with different mobile devices;
● consider legislative initiatives to increase the volume of cables and chargers collected and recycled in EU member states;
● ensure that consumers are no longer obliged to buy new chargers with each new device: strategies to decouple the purchase of chargers from the purchase of new devices should be introduced with a common charger solution, MEPs say, stressing however that “any measure aiming at decoupling should avoid potentially higher prices for consumers”.

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