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Eufycam 2 wireless security cameras, featuring support for HomeKit Secure Video, are on sale for up to 30% off today as Amazon's Deal of the Day.
Apple Secure Video allows iOS customers to privately and securely capture activity from eufyCam 2 cameras in iCloud. Using the Home app, iOS customers can see live video of their security cameras as well as view 10-days of recent activity detected by them. Customers that have a 200 GB iCloud plan can add one camera at no extra cost; those with a 2 TB plan can add up to five cameras.
With Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad as the home hub, HomeKit Secure Video uses on-device intelligence to privately analyze activity captured from the eufyCam 2 to detect whether it sees a person, vehicle or an animal before securely sending it to iCloud. This ensures a user is only notified when there is important activity detected in their home.

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