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If you choose a high-quality and well-optimized electric motor, you do not have to worry about its cooling during standard operation. If the electric motor is overloaded, a frequency converter is also used with the electric motor. Or if the ambient temperature tends to reach the limit values, we recommend using external cooling.

Like any other heat-generating machine, an electric motor needs cooling. Conventional electric motors, which do not approach their limit parameters during operation. Will suffice with standard ventilation and common construction elements ensuring more efficient heat dissipation. For electric motors that drive more demanding applications, or are located in a working environment with higher heat or dust, it is worth considering the possibility of external cooling.

Why is overheating of the electric motor dangerous?

In cases where the standard cooling of the electric motor is insufficient. It is easier for the electric motor to overheat, which damages its components and significantly reduces their service life. At the same time, the overheating electric motor works inefficiently and can also cause damage to the driven equipment.

External cooling for electric motors

External cooling for the electric motor brings several benefits

External cooling for electric motors  External cooling for electric motors brings several benefits. The auxiliary heatsink consists of an axial fan housed in a housing. The heatsink design being extremely strong to ensure efficient ventilation in all circumstances.

External cooling can be supplied with single-phase or three-phase voltage, while the selection must be guarded with the dimensions of the cooling to match the design of the motor.

External cooling for electric motors

is placed in the cover of the electric motor and its installation is a relatively simple operation.

The great advantage of external cooling is that it is independent of the motor speed. And at the same time allows the electric motor to be cooled even when it is not in operation. Choose external cooling for the electric motor and reliably avoid all risks associated with electric motor overheating.