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Are youemployed in Germany? Do you have a child and meet the other legal requirements under the relevant German legislation? You may then be entitled to family benefits (Kindergeld). In this article, we’ll tell you more about this cash benefit, who is entitled to it and what other conditions you need to meet to get it.

What is Kindergeld?

Child benefit (Kindergeld) is not a social benefit under social insurance rules. In practice, this is a cash allowance paid per child from separate family funds (Familienkasse). Entitlement to family child benefit from Germany is given to the child’s parent immediately after the child’s birth, but before that, you must apply for it in writing to the competent authority and on the prescribed form. The forms must be accompanied by the legally prescribed documents proving that the conditions required to qualify for the allowance have been met.

Who is entitled to child benefit in Germany?

Anyone who works as an employee in Germany and has a child in Germany is entitled to family benefits. However, the claimant must also comply with other legislative requirements when claiming the allowance. To claim Kindergeld, an employee must also be compulsorily socially insured in Germany and be a German tax resident.

family allowances for children from germany


TIP: Employees who are sent to work in Germany as part of their duties and job description, as well as self-employed workers who are also tax residents in Germany, are also entitled to receive Kindergeld in Germany.

Applying for family child benefit in Germany

The application for the Kindergeld cash allowance must be made in writing within the framework of the statutory process. It must also be accompanied by all required annexes demonstrating compliance with the legislative requirements. Do you find the whole procedure complicated and administratively demanding? If you are limited by a language barrier or lack of time, we will be happy to handle the entire application for you. Simply fill in the simple online form on the right hand side of our website and we will send you the personal questionnaire needed to complete and submit your application properly.

In this step, we will also send you a list of the required attachments that need to be included with the application for the grant. Once the documents have been sent, we will handle all the other steps in the established legislative process for you .


TIP: If you receive family allowances for children in Slovakia or the Czech Republic, this amount is deducted from the amount of family allowances calculated and claimed in Germany. This means that you will not get the full amount of the allowance you are entitled to in Slovakia/Czech Republic and Germany. In addition to the benefits you already receive in Slovakia or the Czech Republic, you will get part of the amount claimable in Germany.