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Standard A550 frequency inverters are an affordable way to achieve very efficient operation of your electric motor. We will introduce you to their main advantages, functions and also what to watch out for when regulating the speed of the electric motor.

Standard A550 frequency converters are a reliable and affordable choice

The Standard A550 is a versatile range of frequency converters that, thanks to their design and features, are particularly suited to simpler standard applications. The main advantage of these frequency converters is their high reliability and easy operation. The Standard A550 frequency inverters are capable of operating at output frequencies up to 400 Hz and are the perfect choice, especially for smaller electric motors.

frequency converter a550

Frequency converter STANDARD A550

Despite the fact that
Standard A550 frequency converters
they are easy to use and among the most affordable solutions, they delight with a wide range of functions, and you can also choose variants equipped with a braking unit. You can avoid complicated setup after getting this frequency converter. The Standard A550 frequency converters are pre-configured from the factory, so the entire installation is plug and play. So just plug it in and you can use the frequency converter. What might this look like in practice? Let’s take a look at what to watch out for when controlling the speed of a frequency converter.

Motor speed control by frequency converter

Frequency converters in general are mostly used to reduce and increase engine speed. In this respect, it is always important to consider not only the engine parameters themselves, but also the engine’s cooling capabilities. At low speeds, the engine power drops and sometimes the fan may not start. In this case, great care must be taken to avoid possible overheating.

As the engine speed increases, the engine torque increases. In this respect, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and respect the maximum engine parameters. At higher speeds, again, the built-in cooling of the electric motor may not be sufficient.

frequency converter with electric motor

The use of frequency converters is completely safe, but all manufacturer’s recommendations must be followed. The combination of electric motor and frequency converter is a very efficient source of drive, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you with your selection.