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In the portfolio of brands represented at Dreamaudio, one of the oldest hi-fi and loudspeaker manufacturers in the world cannot be missing. The German brand ELAC is surely familiar to every true audiophile. And we have decided to give you a brief overview of their history and current product range.

quickly headed into the category
hi-end audio technology

ELAC’s history dates back to 1926. In that year, still under the name Electroacoustic, it began developing sonar technology and transmitting signals through air and water. After the Second World War, the manufacturer gradually reoriented its interest towards the world of hi-end audio technology. It didn’t take long for ELAC to become a leading player among loudspeaker and sound system manufacturers. ELAC audio technology gives you an exceptional music experience at a very affordable price.


They paved the way among premium manufacturers with the brand
several collaborations with various experts. A major milestone was the Axiom electroacoustic loudspeaker from 1984, or the ELAC 4Pi tweeter with an extremely wide range developed a year later, which definitely confirmed the brand’s belonging to the world of hi-end sound.

ELAC’s further innovations did not wait long. In 1993, they introduced a new tweeter with JET technology, which featured an extended frequency response of up to 35 kHz. The technology from this speaker is still used today in both home and automotive applications, currently even in its fifth generation. How is it with ELAC hi-end audio products today?

ELAC loudspeakers
are available in a variety of
price classes

elac speakersIf there’s one thing ELAC audio technology impresses with besides its quality and affordable price, it’s certainly the design and the extremely broad product portfolio. ELAC loudspeakers and other ELAC technology are now available in several product lines at different price levels. The highlight of the range is the ELAC Concentro loudspeakers, which are a proud representative of the reference class. But you can choose ELAC speakers even with a more limited budget, for example the ELAC Alchemy, ELAC Carina or ELAC Navis line of speakers will convince you of this.

In short, ELAC speakers are an excellent choice for all kinds of home applications and are ready to give you the best music experience. They will quickly become an indispensable part of your home cinema or listening room.