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Hand dryers quickly became a common feature in restrooms in shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and other establishments. Did you know why hand dryers are so popular? Not only is it an environmentally friendly and hygienic solution, but it can also save business owners a lot of money every year. If you’re not already using hand dryers in the toilets in your establishment, you should change that quickly, find out why.

Modern hand dryers have saved a huge amount of paper over the years and also ensured that visitors have achieved drying their hands quickly and without leaving a mess behind. It is the hand dryers that make a significant contribution to order in toilets, saving natural resources and, last but not least, saving the owner’s wallet. We’ve looked at how you can help the environment and your budget with hand dryers.

Hand dryers are a must for any modern operation

Simply put, the more visitors you have, the more your hand dryers save you. EcoStep professional hand dryers are an eco-friendly solution, as you will no longer need to use paper towels. Despite boasting a high power output that will have your hands dry in seconds, they are equipped with an energy-saving motor. Compared to conventional hand dryers, EcoStep dryers are up to 90% more energy efficient.

hand dryers in stock

Many business owners are wondering how they could save even more. Hand dryers allow you to do this in more ways than one. Not only will you save money on paper towels, but you will also save the hassle of storing and replacing them. The operation of EcoStep hand dryers is completely maintenance-free. They will also help you to keep your toilets tidy more efficiently.

EcoStep hand dryers in stock

hand susice in stockWe are aware of the problems shop owners have to deal with today, so we have simplified everything as much as possible. We have

hand dryers in stock

so you don’t have to wait for weeks for delivery. We also offer a superior 5-year, resp. 7-year warranty and express service guarantee.