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Caviar has announced the creation of several bulletproof iPhone 13 Pro models including one without a camera module for use in secure facilities. The armored casing is made by NPO TCIT, a producer of bulletproof vests and armor for armored vehicles and combat helicopters.
The Stealth 2.0 collection features two smartphones: one – laconically black, without a camera module created for those who work in high-security areas where the use of cameras is prohibited, as well as for those who are afraid of surveillance from third-party software and want to protect their confidentiality. The second military-style phone kept its camera module. This design was created for those who only care about the bulletproof function.
The Stealth 2.0 model is protected by a real class 2 body armor (BR-2). This class implies that the armor can protect against pistol shots. To create the phone, Caviar designers used armor produced by NPO TCIT, a Russian manufacturer of body armor specializing in personal protection, as well as armor for helicopters and armored personnel carriers.

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