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Benchmarks for an unannounced iMac have been spotted in the Geekbench Browser by @_rogame. The new iMac features an Intel Core i9-10910 processor with 20-cores and AMD Radeon Pro 5300 graphics.
Tom's Hardware notes that this appears to be a custom tailored chip for Apple.
Ultimately, the listed clock speeds are what differentiates the Core i9-10910 from its siblings. According to the Geekbench submission, the Core i9-10910 runs with a 3.6 GHz base clock and 4.7 GHz boost clock. The clock speeds suggest that the Core i9-10910 is fundamentally a higher clocked Core i9-10900. Doing the math, the Core i9-10910 reportedly boasts a 28.6% higher base clock than the Core i9-10900.

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