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Domesticwaterworks, irrigation system or simple water pump. These are the three most common uses of water pumps, which are already widespread today. Find out why their operation is even more efficient in a frequency converter.

Today, systems with a connected water pump are often used in gardens, at family houses or for a whole range of recreational facilities. The availability of individual technologies has greatly promoted their further diffusion, and with this comes the need for additional customisation. There are various potential problems associated with conventional domestic waterworks or irrigation systems, but these can be solved in a simple way. Let’s take a closer look at the possibilities of frequency converters when used with water pumps.

Why should you even think about a frequency converter?

Frequency converters for pump

are a useful tool for several reasons. The most important of all are the protective properties of the inverter. It is an affordable accessory that effectively protects the entire pump system from damage and also contributes to its longer service life. The frequency converter protects in several ways.

Frequency converter for pump

Frequency converter for pump

Maintains constant pressure in the system

It is important for the life of the water pump that a constant pressure is maintained throughout the system. This can fluctuate due to changing external influences. For example, if irrigation starts and the pressure in the entire system suddenly drops. Occasional pressure fluctuations are not a problem for the pump, but if there are significant and frequent fluctuations in the system, the life of the pump will be shorter.

Frequency converters per pump are an effective way to ensure that the pressure in the system is regulated so that the pump always faces a constant pressure.

Simplifies control of the entire system

contact vybo electricConnecting a frequency converter to the pump is worthwhile in terms of controlling the entire system, which suddenly becomes much easier. The clear control panel on the frequency converter always provides you with all the information about the current operation.

Helps save energy

Frequency converters can make the whole operation more efficient. In general, it can be stated that frequency converters to the pump can improve the efficiency of the system by up to approximately 20%, just by reducing the pressure fluctuations in the network and increasing the torque of the pump.

If you are looking for the right frequency converter for your pump, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts to find the best solution for you.